Welcome To Get Pampered , Hyderabad

Get Pampered Is A Local Favourite Spa In Hyderabad , Located in Jubilee Hills . Get Pampered is a full scale Salon and Spa  in Hyderabad. We’re having the world class facilities and staff who can give you a refreshing Break from your busy life !  You can get rid of all body pains and Our Massage services Provide you a Perfect Relaxation for better life activity !

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hyderabad spa
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Get pampered salon and spa hyderabad
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Kids Salon Hyderabad

Below Are Our Spa Service Features:

  • Men & Women Spa
  • Mens & womens hair salon
  • Beauty studio

OPENING HOURS : Weekdays & Weekends 11:00 AM To 09:00 PM PRICE : Starts From 3000₹ AREAS SERVED : Jubilee Hills & 30 KM Around. CONTACT EMAIL : getpampered.spa@gmail.com

CONTACT NUMBER :  7731060606 or 7732060606 to book your appointment